Made at
Centre for Fine Printing Research — University of West of England
Art direction / Graphic Design / Print Design / Pictographs / Copywritting

Special thanks to
Adrian Geisow
Vanessa Forner
Thanks to
Stephen Hoskins
Carinna Parraman
Tom Sowden
Sarah Bodman
Paul Laidler

The project is based on the current logo of the Centre for Fine Printing Research. The Centre, has four areas well defined: research, dissemination, education and the centre as a hub. The project is designed as a flexible system that doesn’t interfere with the actual identity and helps to position the brand being an easy introduction for newcomers to the centre. The conceptual idea is a box. A box with four different sections. Each section represents one area of the CFPR. Every area is a booklet. For every area a pictograph was created to visualize quickly the different activities of each area. The whole range of activities are summarized through the pictographs family in a poster.

Box Contents
A6 Booklet CFPR
A6 Booklet Education
A5 Booklet Dissemination
A4 Booklet Research
A2 Poster

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